Sleduj výrazy jeho obličeje! Tenhle cosplayer se dokáže proměnit v kteroukoliv postavu!

11. října 2017 12:14
Co se týče postav z pohádek Disney, většinou je k vidění jen ženský cosplay. Jonathan Stryker však nyní získal pozornost i pro mužské postavy – vyhlásil si „Disney týden“ a sluší se uznat, že se mu dařilo.


Cosplayer Jonathan Stryker

Jonathan se věnuje cosplayi už přes 10 let a na jeho ztvárnění animovaných postav je znát, že za tu dobu nasbíral spoustu zkušeností. 

Nejen že si celé kostýmy vyrábí sám, dokonale zvládá i líčení a výraz tváře – od Aladina až po Flynna Ridera!

Disney Week continues!  Next up, a wild boy that has a huge place in my heart, TARZAN! 轢 I love Tarzan. I've seen it so many times. The scene where his mom takes him to the treehouse and he chooses to leave and tells her, "no matter where I go, you'll always be my mother" always fucking kills me  I have a huge love and respect for nature and animals as you guys have seen on many of my posts. I don't understand how so much of mankind can be insensitive to such beauty. Poaching and most hunting in general repulses me. And please save your, "check the trophy hunting video on Youtube" bullshit. Taking the life of another living being for sport is disgusting, no matter what bullshit incentives we find behind it. Want to help conserve and preserve? Donate without the killing. There's no excuse. Animals are not a sport. Animals are not entertainment. This should go without saying: respect life. This planet is home to us all  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! New Disney character tomorrow ✨! #JStryker #tarzan #disney #disneyworld #waltdisney #disneycosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #gaymer #gaygeek #gaynerd #gayfit #miami #nature #jungle #gorillas #animals

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It's Disney Week!  Next up, a handsome God, HERCULES!  Just finished making this costume and shot it  Today is a very special day to me. Exactly one year ago I met someone very special to me that would later help me understand who I truly am, much like Hercules in his quest to become a hero. And like with Megara, I'll forever have a place in my heart for this person ❤️ Something I really loved about Hercules was the scene when Zeus tells Hercules that he has the chin of a God. In middle school, this kid would make fun of my big chin. I became very insecure about it for much of my life. Thanks to Hercules, I now see it differently: I have the chin of the Gods! SO FUCK YOU PEASANT ASSHOLE FOR MAKING FUN OF ME  Final Disney character tomorrow! ✨ Who do you think it will be? 樂 #jstryker #disney #waltdisney #disneyworld #waltdisneyworld #hercules #gaymer #gayfit #gaynerd #gaygeek #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayers #god

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Disney Week concludes!  Last but not least, the king of the jungle, SIMBA! 女 The Lion King is one of the best movies of all time, hands down. A story about self-discovery, justice, friendship, and love. The symbol of the lion is so big to me. It is a symbol of confidence and empowerment. The lion is sure of itself, it knows it's the king without having to compare itself with anything else. I love lions ❤️ Anyway, thought I'd keep it simple for the last Disney character and do something different. Hope you guys enjoyed it! ☺️ Taking a small break and will resume a new theme, hopefully Sunday if the hurricane deviates. If not, sometime soon! Lastly, I'm sorry if I don't reply to messages as much! I've been getting so many! I ready all your comments and messages I swear I've just been so busy Thank you all for the love and support! Seriously, from the bottom of my lion heart. Mucho love! ❤️ OH! And special thanks to my brother @scarlettred_ for letting me borrow one of the red wigs I used for this  #jstryker #lionking #thelionking #simba #mufasa #disney #disneyworld #waltdisneyworld #lion #gaymer #gaygeek #gaynerd #makeup #cosplay #cosplayer #king

Příspěvek sdílený J Stryker (@strykerkun),

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